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Georgia Gwinnett College to explore intercollegiate athletics | Schools

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Georgia Gwinnett College to explore intercollegiate athletics

Atlanta, GA--  Today at his annual State of the College address in Georgia Gwinnett College’s Cisco Auditorium, President Daniel J. Kaufman announced to a gathering of faculty and staff the formation of a task force to explore the feasibility of initiating an intercollegiate athletic program to supplement the intramural and club sports programs at the college. 

“Our students asked us to consider forming athletic teams,” said Kaufman. “Now that GGC’s enrollment is more than 5,500 students, with 8,000 projected for next fall, it is time to explore this option.  I have charged the task force with proposing a program consistent with GGC’s vision and mission, and one that fully complements our academic and student development objectives.”

Kaufman noted in his address, “I have always stated, and firmly believe, that physical activity is a vital part of the holistic development of an individual as he or she prepares for their future.” Kaufman also commented, “Formation of this exploratory committee is a small step toward a variety of athletic offerings in support of the students of GGC and the Gwinnett community.”

Tomas Jimenez, Dean of Students, was appointed earlier this year to chair the task force and develop a set of recommendations for President Kaufman and the student government of GGC.  Jimenez stated that the task force is exploring all facets of intercollegiate athletics.   He noted, “The interest from our students in intercollegiate athletics has been impressive.  Student involvement in athletic programs, such as recreation and intramurals sports, and clubs has reached an all-time high.  The time is right to explore integration of intercollegiate athletics at GGC.”    

The athletics committee is comprised of senior managers, faculty, and students at the college, and has met informally in the past month.  The charge of the committee is to explore the financial and other resource needs of athletic teams, and ultimately to recommend the types of athletic programs to be offered.

Kaufman suggested that the first team sports would likely be programs such as tennis, baseball or soccer, and not more expensive team sports, including football.  “I hear ‘football’ quite often in gatherings on campus and around Gwinnett County; but frankly I don’t think that is in our near-term future.  Football is prohibitively expensive, and we undoubtedly need to begin our efforts with more manageable programs.”

Kaufman concluded his comments by remarking, “Intercollegiate athletics will be one aspect of the developmental experiences we offer at GGC.  Our intent is to provide a variety of student activities that contribute to the intellectual, physical, development of all GGC students.”  


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