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Gwinnett County TOTY Finalists

Recently, the Gwinnett County School System announced the names of the 25 semifinalists for the 2011 Gwinnett County Teacher of the Year (TOTY) honor. The group of 15 elementary, 5 middle, and 5 high school teachers was selected from an initial list of 123 local school Teachers of the Year who were nominated by their colleagues at their local schools.

The 2011 Gwinnett County Teacher of the Year will be announced on Thursday, November 4. This years semi-finalists are, as followed:

Hope Abraham of Corley Elementary— 3rd Grade Teacher

Julie Bailey-Wegner of Mulberry Elementary— 5th Grade Teacher

Kelli McGinnis Boudreaux of Freeman’s Mill Elementary— 5th Grade Special

Earl Bushman of Stripling Elementary— Gifted Education and Enrichment Teacher

Judy Camp of Peachtree Elementary— 5th Grade Teacher

Farrah T. Jones of Cedar Hill Elementary— Music and Chorus Teacher

Heidi Jones of Craig Elementary— Literacy Coach

Susan Yost Keeney of Cooper Elementary— Special Education Teacher- Self-

Donna Knapp of Winn Holt Elementary— Music Specialist (Grades 1-5)

Tammy Knox of Jackson Elementary— 2nd Grade Teacher

Bonnie Lavine of Gwin Oaks Elementary— Special Education Teacher- Severe and

Venetia Lowe of Shiloh Elementary— 5th Grade Teacher

Stephanie S. Reid of Camp Creek Elementary— 2nd Grade Teacher

Katie Sample of Simonton Elementary— Literacy Coach

Kathy R. Williams of Fort Daniel Elementary— Local School Technology Coordinator

Rayvin C. Guyton of Shiloh Middle— 7th Grade Special Education Mathematics Teacher

Jennifer Helfrich of Radloff Middle— Media Specialist

Sergio Parra of Osborne Middle— Spanish Teacher

Debbie Trevino of Bay Creek Middle— 8th Grade Gifted Language Arts Teacher

Dottie Wilson of McConnell Middle— 8th Grade Gifted Mathematics Teacher

Jon Aldrich of Collins Hill High— Advanced Placement U.S. History and Advanced Placement Government Teacher

Kim Hamman of Brookwood High— 9th Grade Gifted Biology Teacher

Steve Kuninsky of Parkview High— Honors, Gifted, and Advanced Placement, Biology Teacher

Katie Saldarriaga of North Gwinnett High— English to Speakers of Otherm, Languages Social Studies Teacher

John Willis of Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science, and Technology— 9th Grade Physics Teacher



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