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Calling all Momagers - Mom & Manager | Business

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Calling all Momagers - Mom & Manager
Calling all Momagers - Mom & Manager

Hi fellow Momagers,

I'm Christine Martinello, wife, business woman, and Momager (mom & manager) of 3 teens aged 17, 15 and 13.  (What was I thinking, right?)  As a true 'sandwich generation' gal, we also have my parents living with us and we can't forget our dog Lucy.  Our household is a real blend of generations and strong views fueled by hormones.  We're launching kids through school and dealing with healthcare issues.  What a fun, fulfilling and meaningful life - most days anyway.  

For the past 16 years I've been owner of Training Solutions International and am a motivational speaker, trainer and author of 'The Momager Guide'.   The momager messages are all about how moms and women can lead in an influential, balanced and sane way.  If you're thinking, "What?  It's not possible."  Then read on and follow my posts.  I've travelled across the globe and talked to countless women about how we can be wise women living joyful authentic lives.  So you see, you're not just getting my advice and encouragement.  You're linked with many women who share decades of wisdom.  

This year I'm creating an uplifting and real TV show for women.  I host fun, interactive workshops and seminars on leadership, life balancing and Momager topics.  We're going to chat about everything and anything that will add meaning to your life.  

Yes, it is possible for you to have the life you want and raise a loving family.  

Together, let's rise.  


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